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We create industrial designs for mechanical devices. An industrial design describes both the part itself and how it is manufactured. Throughout the entire development process for the product, manufacturing is an integral element. A mechanical device can be a component in a system, or its own system.

A product has three cases: a use case, a business case and a physics case. The use case defines how the user, which can be a person or a device, makes use of the part. The business case models the costing, pricing and projected revenue based on the part’s features and performance. The physics case defines the mechanical requirements of the part, such as heat resistance, ductility or chemical resistances.

A part must satisfy all three cases. We carry all of them throughout the design process, alternating between them. Whenever the design changes, or one of the cases changes, it may trigger changes in the other two cases. By paying attention to these connections, we make sure the part stays on target and on budget.

The actual development work is carried out in state-of-the-art, best-in-class software. We have assembled a unique toolchain for design for AM that works marvelously! We use solid-body modeling, surface and curve modeling, as well as mesh modeling. We have special tools for generative design, allowing us to create sophisticated lattices and other algorithmically generated shapes. Topology optimization is an essential tool for us, as is FEA to carry out digital testing.

Our build preparation tools allow us to fully define the job in-house before we passt it on to manufacturing. We have an excellent connection with our suppliers and can detail the work before it is done, so it’s right the first time. We cooperate with test labs that analyze our parts for us, with the same rigidity and care that is used in conventional manufacturing.

We can also write custom code for customizable products and can provide you with an interface, so your customers can customize the parts on their own. We can also develop software that automate the digital workflow for your product.


We are passionate about your product, and have the tools and know-how to deliver excellent industrial designs that solve your challenges!