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Customized Giveaways

Do you need catching marketing material, individual merchandise or just a cool gadget branded?

Get in touch with us! we can design the perfect promotional giveaway or accessoire for your marketing campaign.

Customized Coins

Set your logo or name on 3d printed coins as a memorable token to hand to your customers. Your customer is going to remember your brand every time he looks at the coin. 

Coins can be manufactored in many colors and can even have multiple colors within one coin to make your logo stand out.

The default coin measures 5cm diameter and is 2-3 mm thick. Let us know if you need other sizes.

Make it magnetic...

Your items can be enhanced with magnets to stick to metal as decoration or note holder.

Tell us your use case and we'll offer a solution...

Customized Giveaways

A physical token as a gift is the perfect reminder for your customers of your intereaction with them.

Tell us your ideas or choose an already existing STL for customization.

Coins for shopping ventures or bottle openers are always a good gift.

We offer competitive pricing for larger quantitites.