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Webinar schedule is changing

We are going to change the schedule of our webinars shortly.

Here at Gramm, we have been thinking about the end of the year. We want as many people as possible have the opportunity to finish 2016 with a solid foundation in additive manufacturing.

For this reason we are changing how we are offering the webinars. Until now, it was possible to take the course in daily doses of one hour. This is no longer possible. We want to compact our schedule, and want to expand to more time zones.

We believe that the intense session is short enough for participants to absorb in one day. The long term learning effects are supported by the study materials provided along with the course, as well as our presence on social media. Ask us any questions you may have about additive manufacturing on Twitter @growingAM, or use one of our other social media accounts.

Soon the webinar is going to be available exclusively as one intense session that lasts 5.5 hours. This includes a one hour lunch break and two more breaks that separate four one hour sessions. The webinar is going to be offered on several days. We are still working out the specific times. The goal is to offer it at the same time for major time zones such as Europe, US East, US West and Asia.

We hope this change is going to make our webinars more convenient for everyone.

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