Workshops & Training

We practice what we preach. Our methods are systematic, comprehensive and successful. And you can learn them from us! We have a modular learning matrix that can be tailored to your needs. Our training focuses on four topics: the technological landscape, the process chain, applications and software.

The technological landscape of additive manufacturing covers what technologies are out there, what characterizes them, and what you can do with them. The process chain covers the digital workflow for printing a digital model, as well as the post-processing. It delivers a complete picture of all the steps necessary from taking a CAD model to getting a net shaped part.

Applications are critical. The goal is to use additive manufacturing for production. Of course, AM also can deliver great value for tooling and as a development resource. We present success stories, and extrapolate what made them work. You can then use this know-how to find suitable AM applications in your company.

Additive manufacturing is digital manufacturing, and in a digital process chain, software always wins. It is vital to master CAD and CAM tools in order to design amazing AM products. We put a heavy emphasis on showing what classes of tools are out there, such as lattice engineering tools, process simulation tools, and CAM tools. We use the same software that is used for our own projects in the course to show examples. Trainees are supplied with trial licenses, and need only bring their laptop or PC to do the exercises.

Whenever possible, we offer hands-on sessions for the trainees. We visit an AM factory, and the trainees finish their own parts, the ones they prepared during the training. This is a high value experience that both reinforces what was learned earlier, and also is an opportunity for the students to make their own observations.

The training can be done at your location, in our offices or online. It all comes down to what works best for your situation. If you have several people to train across  multiple locations, online training via web conferencing may be the right choice. If you would like to stay off-site for security reasons, we can set the training up here in our HQ in Regensburg. We will gladly visit you and deliver the training at your or a designated location. We offer the training worldwide. As long as the trainees speak english, have access to modern PCs and are passionate about additive manufacturing, we can make it work!

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