Why Choose Gramm?

We have the skills.

We excel at design for additive manufacturing. We start at requirements engineering, then evaluation, agile design until we get to production. Agile design is an adaption of agile methodologies for software development to product development for mechanical or mechatronic (smart) devices. It's an iterative process that starts with a minimum viable product, and then loops design and testing until the design meets the requirements. This allows us to develop quickly and successfully. And because we are in additive manufacturing, there is a seamless transition from prototyping to production. The process stays the same, and you can even keep developing after the product has launched. This way there is a virtuous cycle of product improvement.

We have the experience.

We have years of experience in additive manufacturing, specializing in production of metal parts with powder bed fusion. Powder bed fusion is one of the most widely used processes for Metal 3D printing, delivering excellent parts that are comparable to casting. The process becomes increasingly well understood, which helps product development. Our successful projects range from medical devices to industrial components. We have trained hundreds of people in the industry already. Many of them have gone on to develop their own products.

We have the network.

Product development and manufacturing is a complex task, with several options for each step. At Gramm, we focus on the core process, and work with partners for the details. This allows us to be agile, and tailor the solution perfectly to the use case. Our partners are reputable, experienced and deliver excellent quality.

Our method is systematic, comprehensive and agile. This allows us to take on complex projects, find the win function and then execute a plan to deliver a sucessful solution.

It's about your product.

All our activities are designed to deliver the most value to you, our customer. We are very good at listening to your situation, understanding where you want to go and then find out how you can get there. For established companies, additive manufacturing is a change management challenge. We understand this process and can help you through the transition until you have successfully integrated additive manufacturing.

We are ready to do the job, today!

We offer a complete process chain from use case through to start of production. Our agile process allows us to scale the development to small and large projects. Our partners help us to take care of special tasks. We move fast, and we deliver.