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Gramm is live!

Welcome to Gramm! We are very happy to make our course available to everyone.

My name is Harry, I am a presenter at Gramm. I also co-founded Gramm together with Werner, and I am currently running the company. We have a bold vision for the future of additive manufacturing and learning, but believe it is best to start small. We want to grow with you, as you grow into additive manufacturing, and as additive manufacturing grows into its destiny.

Our launch product is an introduction to additive manufacturing. It is a short course that only lasts 5.5 hours if you take it online. You can head over to booking right now to reserve your seat for the next presentation. The webinar is offered as a series of live, interactive presentations. After successful participation, you get study materials as well as a personalized, printed and signed certificate documenting to show off your effort!

We spent a lot of time to develop our curriculum, and to put in place the software tools to offer the course as a webinar. We hope you will find our learning products and services useful on your journey into additive manufacturing.

Follow this blog to stay up to date on updates to our schedule and product offerings, as well as articles about additive manufacturing and learning.

Please let us know about any questions you have regarding our services, additive manufacturing or learning. You can reach me directly at Or just use the contact form on our website.

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