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We are having a sale (and the schedule has changed)!

This is the best time to book our webinar! All our webinars are now 50% off. The whole course is now only € 198, down from € 396. This sales is going to last until December 31st 2016. So get your ticket now and finish 2016 strong!

As of today, we also have a new schedule. For the rest of the year, we are offering the course exclusively as a whole, with all four modules included.

This allows us to offer time slots for the major time zones Europe (Tuesday), US East (Wednesday), US West (Thursday) and Asia (Friday). If you do not live in Europe, it should now be much more convenient to take part in our webinar.

For each of those time zones, there is now one webinar per week that starts at 10am local time and ends at 3.30pm local time.

The general schedule for webinars is:

10 AM - 11 AM: Module 1

11 AM - 11.15 AM: Break 1

11.15 AM - 12.15 AM: Module 2

12.15 AM - 1.15 PM: Lunch Break

1.15 PM - 2.15 PM: Module 3

2.15 PM - 2.30 PM: Break 2

2.30 PM - 3.30 PM: Module 4

The booking system shows the times in the time zone we entered it. Unfortunately at this time we cannot display the course times in specific time zones. You can use a service like Worldtimebuddy to verify the time you book.

So head over to booking and get your ticket today!

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