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Additive manufacturing on demand at the Sensorik-Cluster

The Cluster Sensorik ( recently posted an article in german about a little project we did with one their members. We really liked the article, so we are reprinting it here:

Gramm and Manu Systems exemplify how additive manufacturing accelerates the development of mechanical components. The two companies are both located at the Techbase Regensburg and and members of the "Strategische Partnerschaft Sensorik", a regional networking organization focused on sensors devices and components.

Manu Systems is currently developing an autonomous robot kit intended for use by research and learning institutions. They were re-designing the fixture that held the camera in place, and wanted to test the new design. The solution was just one phone call away: "An employee of Manu Systems designed the part using a CAD system. No later than two hours did I hand over the finished part", reports Harald Schmid, Director of Gramm and expert for additive manufacturing.

This is a demonstration par excellence how additive manufacturing not only multiplies the number of design iterations that are possible within the same amount of time and for the same amount of money, but also how 3D printed parts are of a high enough quality that they can also be used as components in the finished product.

Manu Systems develops and sells robot systems for educational and research use. Gramm is a specialist for industrial design and additive manufacturing.

- Marco Reichel, CEO of Manu Systems AG (left) and Harald Schmid, Director at Gramm UG (haftungsbeschränkt) -

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