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ASA is a high performance material that is available through FFF.  In short, ASA is the ABS of 3D printing. ASA has the same mechanical and thermal properties as ABS, has slightly improved weather resistance, and it prints significantly better than ABS. If you want an ABS part, then order an ASA part. It is the same everywhere, except where it is better.ASA is short for "acrylonitrile styrene acrylate" and is classified as an amorphous thermplastic. It is not a bioplastic.As with PETG, a good ASA part should be support free and warping free. Since ASA is prone to warping, making an ASA part warping free can be challenging if the part needs to be funcitonal, as well.ASA is more expenseive than PETG or PLA. Some of it has to do with the material itself, but laso with the increased scrap rate due to warping and delamination, and the more expensive post-processing.If your application requires ASA, then we can produce the part in ASA for you, provided it is technically feasible. However, we strongly suggest that you review your requirements to isolate the material properties you require. If you need mechanical elasticity, then consider PETG or even PA12. If you need high temperature resistance and your part can be flexible to some degree, have a look at our silicone rubber. And if you just want a good, great looking part, choose PLA.

Design Guidelines

Maximum length [mm]:


Maximum width [mm]:


Maximum height [mm]:



Please refer to the datasheet below for insight about this material's properties:

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