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Hygienic door opener as an anti-corona tool

In addition to our half mask products (, in the course of the corona pandemic we have also given some thought to how we can reduce the risk of infection with additively manufactured products in everyday life can reduce. Since door handles in this context pose a major risk of hand-to-hand transmission of germs due to heavy use, we now also offer an easy to retrofit solution for your doorknob that facilitates opening with your elbow or forearm to avoid frequent skin contact with avoid contaminated areas.

In this case, the aim was to provide the largest possible and most comfortable contact surface above the doorknob, so that the handle could be easily pushed down with the elbow and the door easily opened with the forearm thanks to the ramp-like elevation, without getting in between jam the handle and door.

When it comes to attachment, this attachment can be removed quite flexibly and without leaving any residue by tying up conventional cable ties.

We would be happy to make you an individual offer for a suitable attachment for your door (, or you can order directly from our shop: Hygienic attachment for door handle

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