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What is the Gramm VR Quickstand?


The Gramm VR Quickstand is a fantastic looking mount for your Meta Quest 2 virtual reality headset. Safely store your virtual reality headset between sessions while brilliantly presenting the device.


What features does the Gramm VR Quickstand have?


1. Quick drop-off and quick retrieval: We made the Quickstand so you can drop off the headset quickly, and pick it up just as fast. 

2. Saves space: The quickstand has a minimal footprint.

3. Optimal fit: the controller slots and the headset rest have been carefully adjusted for an optimal fit.

4. Stability: the robust shape of the quickstand holds your headset and the controllers securely in place. You can move the stand without hassle while the headset is attached.

5. Looks great: The unique and striking visual design goes with  any interior decoration style and brilliantly showcases your VR headset!

6. Designed and manufactured in Germany: We have developed the design and are manufacturing all VR Quickstands here in Bavaria, our little corner of Europe.

7. Make it your own: the quickstand is available in many different colors.


What do I get if I order now?


1. pay 45€ less

2. free copy of Round Table


Gramm VR Quickstand

    • Size: 215mm x 165mm x 110 mm
    • Weight: 300g
    • Material: PLA (bioplastic from renewable sources)
    • Compatible with: Meta Quest 2 (Headset + 2 Controllers)
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