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Discover Gramm's Christmas collection!

All products presented here were developed in Regensburg, are manufactured there on 3D printers, and are now available in our shop!

Glowing Christmas trees and poinsettias

A unique Christmas present, created by our designer Martin Brockelmann! Give your home a sparkling and Christmas spirit. The enclosed LED tea light illuminates the models from the inside, ideal for a romantic Christmas atmosphere.

The stars and trees are available in many different colors and in different shapes. Find exactly the star or tree that best suits you.


Glowing Christmas tree ball

This unique work of art was designed by David Schäfer for the 2020 Advent season. The sculpture represents a broken Christmas bauble. Inside the bauble is a kneeling angel holding out a dove to the viewer. A dreamy juxtaposition of a message of peace and harmony in a disordered world.

The Christmas tree ball comes with an LED tea light, which illuminates the sculpture from the inside in the dark.


Christmas mask

Just in time for the Advent season, our successful community mask appears in new, festive colors and with Christmas motifs.

Only available for a short time!


Design by yourself!

We would be happy to help you with the implementation of your own gift ideas. We construct models according to your specifications and manufacture them with a material and color that you can determine. Get in touch with us:

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