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Gramm in December: Gifts, trees and a new location!

This December has brought good news for Gramm that we would like to share with all of you.

First, we completed moving our FDM farm to a new, larger space here at the ITC 1. Now we have enough room for our 20 FDM printers, our Agilista, and all the workstations necessary for part production. We even have some room for more printers. We also increased our office space by over 200%, since our team doubled in size since the beginning of the year. The FDM farm is kept separate from our powder based systems.

Moving a production line without interruption is a challenge, but it worked out well in the end. This is the new FDM production space:

Most of these pictures were taken today, as we had a short time window where most machines weren't running due to refitting them for a new order. Even then, a few machines were busy:

Second, we delivered two customized versions of our VR Quickstand to the city of Deggendorf. We were honored that the mayor of Deggendorf himself, Dr. Christian Moser, came by our office to receive those unique versions of our product:

Two people in front of several 3d printers holding a 3d printed object
Deggendorfs Oberbürgermeister Dr. Christian Moser and Gramm's Founder and Managing Director Harald Schmid

And finally, in a departure from our usual B2B activities, we went out to the holiday market of Deggendorf and exhibited some of our christmas designs at the popup store there:

All those trees were designed and manufactured by us. We actually did this as a little design exercise to showcase the advantage of mass customization for decorative products. We thought it would be much better to actually do it rather than explaining it. Little did we know that after our experiments and some test runs, we ended up with over two hundred christmas trees, and almost as many variations! The Deggendorfer Popup store was a great opportunity to exhibit our 3d printed "forest" to the public. And the feedback was wonderful! Not only did we find a new home for nearly half of our holiday trees, but the exhibition was also the spark for many interesting conversations about 3D printing and its applications.

The popup store was located in the main hall of Deggendorf's Altes Rathaus, a beautifully restorated medieval meeting hall with unique and stunning wood paneling. It is the perfect location to take pictures and videos of our products:

That wraps up our December for now. We wish you all happy holidays, and a happy new year

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